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Teaching Children to Celebrate and Value Diversity Education

While there are no guarantees that every single human on planet earth will value each other despite color, gender, age, religion, disability or nationality, it does not mean we shouldn’t try. Teaching our children to celebrate and value diversity is the first step in making it happen.

As humans we tend to be very competitive and always look for ways to be stronger, brighter and better off than others around us. Competitiveness has a greater impact on our lives than ever before in order to secure employment and even a bursary for a better education.

Animated characters like the bespectacled JEB will go on show children that it is okay to let other kids shine, which is pretty much what one of JEB’s good friends goes on to demonstrate by standing back and letting her friends shine in the process. There is an old saying that there is more happiness in giving than in receiving.

These are the type of values that JEB and friends are hoping to instill in your children. The world will certainly be a much better place to live in once everyone makes it a habit to let others shine and not be too self-centered.

Taking Stock of What We are Teaching Our Children

Perhaps we need to re-evaluate and reflect on the way we are educating our children currently. This comes through in the media and curricula as well as various parenting education programs we are using to teach our kids.

Why not make use of animated characters like JEB to help instill good values within your kids and teaching them to get along with children from other nations and gender without putting too much emphasize on themselves.

This is why it would be good to take stock of what we are teaching our children to help them become good citizens one day. Another reason is for your kids to get accepted by other children as good friends. Who wants to be friends with someone that is self-centered and non caring?

JEB and friends can be used to promote a feeling of caring for other among your children. It will truly have a huge impact on their future and will lead to certain success as they will get the admiration and respect of others around them. This would include children from other races, religion and gender. It is after all what true friendship is all about which is what JEB and friends will help you accomplish when teaching your children.

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