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JEB Makes Use of Visual, Audio and Physical Methods When Teaching Values

Any child has their own particular learning style. Some are visual learners while others learn better using audio. Yet, others learn through touch and feel. JEB knows this which is why a whole array of learning tools which include books, CDs, activity sets, and art packs are being used to cater for everyone.

Its been said that up to 30 percent of young ones remembers what they heard while up to 40 percent will recall what they learned through visual stimulation that is achieved through seeing and reading. For this reason teachers need to differentiate between auditory learners, visual learners and kinesthetic learners (physical activity) to make the most of their individual abilities.

Luckily, characters like JEB helps children who make use of either physical activity, visual learning or audio to make the most of their respective learning activities. All kinds of interactivity tools are being used to ensure kids are exposed to the best forms of education at hand.

JEB and Auditory Learners

Kids who enjoy learning through using audio will be delighted to learn that JEB and friends provide interactive CDs that will ensure hours of fun and learning where useful information are being discussed with children. Regular variation of voice tone is being used to keep children engaged at all times.

JEB and Visual Learners

Visual kids will love the plush toys and activity sets and games as it will ensure they benefit from the various charts, pictures, written instructions and diagrams being provided by JEB and friends. These children will value the array of colors and written information that will get them to interact on a social level with other kids.

JEB and Kinesthetic (Physical Activity) learners

By being able to touch, feel and experience the various activity charts, toys, book bags and more, kinesthetic kids will soon learn to become visual learners as they get to enjoy what JEB has to offer in terms of learning tools.

Both at school and at home, parents or teachers will find it extremely useful to make use of JEB and friends to instruct their children on all aspects of life. Definite improvements are on the cards as they learn to interact on a social level with other kids their age while taking in sufficient knowledge of the world around them.

JEB goes on to show visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners how easy it is to get along with others while having endless fun at the same time.


How Parents Through Diversity Education Can Help Their Children Become Responsible Adults

Have you heard about JEB and the important role he has in teaching children about diversity? Some parents desire nothing more than for their children to become responsible adults through diversity education. This is why building their character will form an important part of their education. After all, success does not always depend on academics, but on the way you treat others, including children from different cultures.

Enrolling Your Kids for Schooling Does Not Guarantee Character Building

Through enrolling your kids to school they would learn about various academic subjects like history, science, biology, maths, and so on, but as JEB shows, it is not the only requirements for becoming a responsible and successful adult one day.

By means of character education, which is something that JEB and friends will help them achieve, your children stand a very good chance of getting along just fine with other children from different race groups.

JEB goes on to teach kids from various ages how to have good values by making use of teaching methods that will help them grow into responsible individuals one day.

Pre-schools and the like also plays a part in developing the character of a child. They too will find value in using characters like JEB to be a role model to all children. It will help them as an educational institution to stress the importance of diversity education through using JEB and friends to demonstrate how easy it can be to work together as friends.

Why is Character Building Needed in Modern Schools?

In our day and age children are often left to their own devices, which is not really a good thing. For this reason, schools may need to make use of character building to instill sound values in the kids at school.

This is fairly easy to accomplish as JEB and friends serve as perfect models that all children can learn from. He is the good character that can be used to help achieve the desired effect among school children.

As children spend up to 70 percent of their time at school, it is the perfect place to make use of role models like the JEB character to instill good character traits among children.

Not only will it help them prepare to face unknown dangers lying ahead, but it will serve them well in making use of various opportunities coming their way. This is especially the case as young ones today are exposed to several negative influences coming from the media and their peers. JEB and friends will have a positive influence in all areas of their life and show them how to handle potential problems while building their character at the same time.

How Diversity Education Will Foster Global Interaction in the Long Run

Preparing students to interact with others on a global scale starts by fostering relationships between children from various age groups, races and backgrounds in their formative years. This is where JEB and his imaginary friends hope to make a huge difference within society right now.

As a gorgeous Giraffe wearing spectacles, JEB and friends are setting the trend for young children by fostering racial understanding and through increasing culture awareness among children from various age groups.

JEB, family and friends will certainly capture the heart of both young and old as they go on to set the perfect example as far as diverse education is concerned. The variety of characters being used by the creators of JEB and friends go on to demonstrate that under the right circumstances and with proper education it is possible to live in harmony and peace.

Learning to Work Together as Children Through Playing Games

Many of you may remember the good old days when you were a child having fun playing cowboys and crooks, and all sorts of games while interacting with children of other races without even giving it a thought.

JEB goes on to demonstrate that it is not hard to learn to work together as children. What better way to achieve this than playing games. This would involve a lot more than merely running around and playing computer games. Through engaging in effective game play, children learn to build honesty and trust.

At the same time, playing games also serves as an opportunity to learn to work together as a team, and doing so responsibly while cooperating with each other. Making use of coloring books and water paint are great tools to create this type of interaction.

JEB’s purpose is to help kids build a solid foundation that will serve them well later on in life. He is big on exploring ways to have fun which is created by the wonderful world of shapes and colors. The very difference in shapes are being used to reinforce unity and acceptance among children from various backgrounds. JEB gets it right in making kids of various age groups feel welcome the minute they set eyes on his lovable and cool character.

Through JEB and his friends, kids get to take a look at themselves and others around them to make them realize that we are not all that different after all. Parents
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Counting Fun

How JEB Makes Learning to Read Fun

It sure is fun learning to read. For some kids it may seem like a huge task as they need to learn their ABCs and go through the process of learning how to pronounce certain words correctly. JEB to the rescue!

He has some fun to read storybooks to get them reading in no time at all. These would include Counting Fun with Jeb the Giraffe, Jeb’s Shape Hunt, A Big Hello, Learning My ABC’s with Jeb, and more…

To learn how to read involves grasping the meaning of words, sounds and letters. It is Jeb’s job to make things easier for kids. JEB certainly helps to make the whole learning to read process fun and educational.

Ways to Make Learning to Read Fun and Entertaining

Parents can have great fun with their little ones by reading to them just before bedtime. There are some easy to read material provided by Jeb and friends that are both entertaining and fun to read.

Learning My ABC’s with Jeb is great when it comes to teaching your child meaningful words. You could even make use of sponge or magnetic letters to add fun and excitement to the learning process. An idea might be to get your child to spell out your name and their name using the letters provided.

Another fun way to get your child to grasp the meaning of letters is to call out the name of one of their favorite fruits or foods, and letting them arrange the words while coloring it in. You can vary the activities as your child grows older.

Using A coloring Adventure with Jeb, The Giraffe is a great way to help them trace, shape and sight words that they can color in. It sure is a whole lot of fun getting involved in the world of color.

Encourage your child to accompany you to the library and show them how much fun other kids are having in the kids section reading books and taking in knowledge on a wide array of subjects. Their bespectacled Jeb plush toy can even accompany them if they so wish.

When traveling on the road, you can help your child learn how to read certain road signs that are not too difficult to comprehend. Then you could make it fun by letting your children read out the letters that are featured on other motorists number plates. When at home they can engage in fun activities that would involve JEB and friends.

Jeb the Giraffe

Helping Your Kids Learning Through Role Models Like JEB

We surely do not want to baby our children for the rest of their lives as we want them to turn into responsible teens that can take care of themselves in a big way. In essence, you want you child to think on their feet and act responsibly as a result thereof.

The pressures of the system we live in does not always make it possible for us to bring up our children up in the way we see fit for them. But it sure makes things a lot easier using fun characters like JEB and his imaginary friends to help us accomplish this.

Not only will they learn to think at any level which will help them with problem solving, deal with self awareness and communicating properly, but they will go on to imitate the fine example that JEB and friends set for them.

What JEB and Friends Will Help Your Child Accomplish

The material provided by the creators of JEB and his imaginary friends goes a long way to develop the intellectual skills of your child. This is the kind of skills you want your child to have as it will help them to be creative and flexible in their thinking abilities.

In the process, your child will learn to engage with other children and be encouraged to express themselves better, take calculated risks, accept feedback as well as learn to be affirmative in speaking up for themselves.

Through self awareness, JEB will help your children solve problems and communicate more effectively. One of the best ways to learn how to solve these would be through role playing. It serves as a natural vehicle to learn about life and helps to stimulate your child’s thinking processes.

JEB, even though a kid himself, knows this and makes use of this knowledge to teach your kids about the good things in life. Your Kids will resonate with JEB as he is on the same page as them, being a kid as well.

Role playing is not only fun to do, but it is also seen as rehearsing what you see others do. No matter what kind of personality your kid has, or from what background they are, they need to hone and develop their intellectual skills as much as their physical ones. Their is simply no better mentor to help them accomplish this feat than JEB and his imaginary friends.

Elementary Diverse Classrooms

Elementary Classrooms Can Benefit from Diversity Education

JEB as an educational character can bring great joy in the lives of kids and serves as an excellent tool in dealing with diversity education. This is achieved through creating fun among children from various backgrounds and setting the initiatives needed to cover a broad range of ideas with regards to education.

In turn, characters like JEB create the ideal learning environment within an elementary classroom setup that can be seen as a safe haven for kids with various identities. Just like JEB, little children are still finding themselves and are in need of a lot of guidance in the process.

Its been noted with great concern that some parents still leave the responsibility of teaching good values to teachers in elementary classrooms. Luckily there are those who recognize the need to instill values and principles into their children. Besides, parents are the very first teachers of their young ones, but do not always know where to begin when teaching their kids.

JEB, the Bespectacled Giraffe to the Rescue

Fortunately for most if not all parents, JebCoolKids created JEB as an educational character to help instill good values in all children. As a true adventurer, JEB is always ready to explore and find new adventure around every corner, but doing so responsibly.

Parents will do well to make use of JEB as the leading character in their kids lives. As one of them, he will certainly lead by his fine example and help instill excellent values and principles that is not always easy to find these days.

What really helps is that JEB has a few magical friends that depicts the personality traits commonly found within people, especially little ones.

One such magical friend, Ricky Rectangle is known for not cutting any corners in doing what is right at all times. Yet, he is easy going and fun to get along with. His main purpose is to help children solve problems. One of these might be the ability to learn the ABC’s as required by many schools.

Fortunately, as many as 6 storybooks have been created for the enjoyment of your children to help kids from a diverse background connect with each other. Learning My ABC’s with JEB is one of the best ways to help your little ones learn the alphabet in no time at all while having fun doing it.

Educating your children has never been easier as they are sure to learn whatever is required from them regardless of their background when learning all there is to know from JEB, the bespectacled Giraffe.

Math Mate

Jeb is My Math Mate!

We all want the best for our kids, but we know how boring education for little children can be at times. Holistic education is one of the best ways to prepare your little ones to meet the challenges of living and academics. As far as maths are concerned, holistic development plays a big role in that one area of math education is largely dependent on the other in order for the child to develop to their fullest capacity.

One way to ensure kids pay full attention to what is being said is to make use of a Educharacter who interacts with the children in making education fun. Making kids interested in learning can be achieved through things like getting them to rap their times table. One of the newer education programs for kids ‘Multiplication Hip-Hop for Kids’ works pretty well in that they get to say the times table through using hip-hop songs.

Both new parents and young parents can join in the fun as this is part of the modern fun filled education way of getting to learn maths like it was never done before. Besides learning shapes and colors where we are teaching kids shapes as well as help them learn about colors, childhood education is fast becoming edutainment like never seen before.

Designers of education programs are always on the lookout for fun ways on how to teach little kids and help them experience fun ways to learn. This is being accomplished with maths by using online programs like ‘DreamBox Learning’ where kids get to choose from about 500 plus math games while they get to explore an adventure park filled with pets, dinosaurs, pixies, and even pirates.

Education in formative years are crucial for the full mental development of your child. Many parents would like their children to become lawyers, doctors, or even accountants and find it to be a challenge on how to teach kids to grasp maths. With fun math programs that include rap music and wailing guitar solos it is so much easier to grab their attention and get them to see that education can be fun at the same time.

Children love getting rewarded which is something a new computer games involving the brain manages to achieve. Brainology is a game where two cartoon characters are faced with various brain challenges coming from a floating, talking brain orb. At certain levels of the game, the animation sequence would pause to allow your kids to get involved in experiments to help reinforce what they have learned so far. It is a four level program that rewards them with ‘Brain Master’ status at the end of the game.

Edutainment in its many forms proves to be a great education tool that help kids to experience fun ways to learn. Making education fun will help new and young parents to develop their little ones mathematically so they too can make informed decisions when needed most.


Creating Awareness of Diversity Through Book Reading

There are many ways to attract the interest of a child, but one very effective way of stimulating their senses is through reading. Children who practice reading not only get to visualize better which goes on to improve their visualization techniques, but they also learn to have fun when hearing other children read in a classroom setting or at home.

JEB and his friends serve as great inspiration in creating an interest in the written word as they themselves are involved in reading books while interacting with each other. Your kids can achieve the same explosive results and learn to engage with kids from different cultures and backgrounds.

This is especially true when kids are in their formative years where their minds are like sponges soaking up information all the time. Making use of JEB and friends is one way to further your children’s interest in book reading and hearing others read.

The Importance of Diversity Education in the Early Years

Diversity in education was a initiative that had its start with the civil rights movements in the 60s. In the 70s, the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the National Council for Social Studies as well as other organizations pushed for a more diverse culture in education.

President Lyndon B Johnson initiated affirmative action policies in 1965 to help ensure equal opportunity as well as promote diversity in both the work place and at school. These actions that started with President John F Kennedy in 1961 managed to stress the various benefits of diversity implementation with all students.

JEB’s friends are from a diverse background and go on to demonstrate that people of all races and cultures can work well together at any given time. Many educators today see the need for implementing diversity education from a young age so that early on children from various cultures will not have any problems in working together at school, and within the community.

In reading about how there used to be animosity among various race groups in the past will get young readers to appreciate the way they are being educated today. JEB is an effective tool to help kids realize the importance of reading daily to help improve their grades.

Children who face learning challenges will certainly benefit in following the fine example of JEB and friends in taking it upon themselves to read various books to further their education while learning to engage with children from other races at the same time.

Jeb the Giraffe

Benefiting From Diversity Education Through Using Animated Characters

Our whole society is made up of people coming from a diverse linguistic and cultural background which is why animated characters like JEB and friends are able to have such a great influence on young minds. There is a need for young ones to be exposed to other children in order to develop a sense of intercultural understanding.

Hatred and discrimination are words we don’t want to use in our vocabulary as it is reminders of things we don’t want to be part of. Luckily for most, JEB and friends are changing all of that through setting a fine example for young ones to follow. Parents can utilize this powerful influence being manifested by JEB through getting on board themselves and buy into what animated characters like JEB wants to bring home to their children.

We want a different life for our young ones which is why it would be good to get around to a new way of thinking that starts at a young age. This is exactly what JEB and friends hope to accomplish through diversity education.

How Diversity Education Can Bring About Useful Changes

JEB and friends aim to involve kids in a whole new fun way through demonstrating the importance of getting on with each other without seeing skin color. The bespectacled, long neck Giraffe accomplishes this by welcoming kids into his world and teaching them solid principles that will serve them well in the future.

Our children will be future leaders of America and other countries around the world which is why it is imperative they get taught to see things differently to what older generations would.

People around the world have mixed feelings as to the educational benefits of diversity. In some countries people from underrepresented groups have been excluded from certain educational activities which had a detrimental effect on their future.

JEB and friends are working hard to turn this around to the benefit of our children in today’s world. He goes on to demonstrate how easy it is to get along with others while recognizing the good in everyone.

Creating the Right Mindset Among Future Generations Through Diversity Education

You can be sure that JEB and his imaginary friends will accomplish much with regards to diversity education in that the right mindset will be imprinted in young kids from the word go.

Always looking for the good in others are what JEB and friends are all about. They set the perfect example of how much fun there is to be had through positive interaction and game play without even noticing someone’s skin color or background.

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Applying Diversity Education at Home and Around Friends

The primary aim in applying educational diversity is to foster, recognize and develop sensitivity within various categories while serving the needs of people or children from different backgrounds, race and culture.

Diversity education starts from a young age at home and is a shared responsibility by both family, the community and the school. The creators of the character JEB and his imaginary friends hope to achieve this through using JEB, the Giraffe to help instill sound values and build character among young ones.

For this to happen, the parents of the child has the responsibility to integrate different disciplines that can further be honed by teachers at school as well as the community at large.

Effective Teaching Strategies to Help Educate Your Child

JEB goes on to demonstrate how much fun it can be to learn the fundamentals of diversity education which is to share your knowledge with your kids with the help of educational material, and making use of a fun character like JEB the Giraffe to ensure the buy in of children from different backgrounds.

Parents play a crucial role in developing the character of their children and to help them get along with kids of different cultures. Getting your kids involved in the learning process is a lot easier through making use of JEB and his imaginary friends.

The importance of frequent communication with your children at a young age is also highlighted by characters like JEB. This can be seen in how JEB’s life is being portrayed when he first arrives in Geonopolis. Like other kids, he would learn through touching, holding things and feeling shapes. Whether it be wooden blocks, round shapes or flat objects, you can be sure that it is a fun way for kids to learn how this world works.

By regular communication and using JEB, parents will soon foster a positive relationship with their kids. There are various ways to improve your relationship with your kids even further.

Improving Your Relationship with Your Child

One thing is for sure, both boys and girls from various background love interacting with one another. An excellent way to achieve this is through role playing. Whether it be in the classroom or at home with a bunch of kids around, role play works effectively in helping to build character and positive interaction with other kids.

JEB’s music CD titles like ‘Here in Geonopolis, Welcome to Colorville, Jeb and His Friends, Na,Na,Na, Ready for Fun and Jeb’s World are all excellent tools that can be used to initiate role play among kids. This way each child will have a chance to portray a certain role with the help of their parents or teachers